Black Rugs

Black area rugs make a bold statement in any room and go with a wide variety of decor styles and colors. Whether you’re looking for a modern, geometric, or vintage rug, we have an eye-catching machine-washable black rug for you.

Black Rugs

Black area rugs make a bold statement in any room and go with a wide variety of decor styles and colors.

Machine Washable




Stain & Water Resistant

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About Our Black Rugs

Black area rugs are classic, sophisticated, and instantly add a level of chicness to your space. No matter what style of decor you have in your home, a black rug will look great thanks to its versatility.

Where to Place Your Black Rug

Black is arguably the easiest and most stylish option when it comes to picking out furnishings for your space. Black area rugs and runners are no different.

A black rug instantly ups the drama and glam factor of any room and can be styled with a variety of prints, colors, and furnishings that fit your theme or mood. Always a practical choice, it can be used to draw attention to a particular area, highlight a décor or furniture, or hide flaws and stains in high-traffic areas.

Regardless of what room you choose to place your black rug, a black rug will add both depth and style.

  • In the Living Room: Add some drama to your space with a black living room rug. Create a cohesive look by incorporating a black rug with other black accents. Black area rugs also look great with contrasting colors, like brown, tan, or white furniture, or for a truly statement-making look, pair your black living room rug with bright pops of color.

  • In the Bedroom: Try a black rustic rug in the bedroom for a relaxed, effortless vibe. For a more modern vibe, place a large black rug with geometric patterns under your bed.

  • In the Dining Room: Dress up your dining room with a black area rug under the dining table. Perfect for all occasions, a black dining room rug will make the space feel more elevated and special.

  • In the Entryway: Welcome guests into your home with an effortlessly glamorous black rug. A black round rug or small black rug works well in this space and won’t show dirt as easily. Black runners also work in this space, especially if your entry leads into a long hallway.

Washable Black Rugs to the Rescue

Never worry about messes and spills, thanks to our water-resistant, stain-resistant, and machine-washable black area rugs. When it's time for a wash, simply remove the Rug Cover from the Rug Pad and place it in the wash. Voila, good as new!